Visual Effects 2016

TV          Tall Ship Productions           Outlander Series 2                                         Compositor
Film Short        Shadow House Productions           Dawn of the Deaf                                          Compositor

Visual Effects 2015

Film          WestEnd Films Una                                                                        Compositor
TV          BBC                              From Darkness                                                                Compositor
Film          D J Films                              Dad's Army                                                             Compositor
TV          BBC                        New Tricks                        Compositor
TV          Channel 4                        No Offence                              Compositor
TV          Sky                        Younderland                              Compositor

Visual Effects 2012

Film          Columbia Pictures                Total Recall                                                      Compositor
TV          Acorn Media                 Foyle's War                              Compositor
Film          Universal Pictures                  47 Ronin                              Compositor
Film          Univeral Pictures                  Snow White and the Huntsman                                      Compositor
Film          MGM                  Skyfall                              Compositor

Visual Effects 2011

TV          BBC                    Doctor Who - Christmas Special 2011                              Compositor
Advert                          Compare the Market              Compositor
Film          Universal Pictures               Johnny English 2: Reborne                  Compositor
Film          Warner Bros                Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2              Compositor
Advert                          Credit Confidential              Compositor
Advert                          Cappy's Orange Drink              Rig Removal
TV        Channel 4                         Jamie Oliver's Dream School              Prep Artist

Visual Effects 2010

TV          BBC                    Doctor Who - Christmas Special 2010                              Compositor
Film          20th Centry Fox                  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader                     Compositor

Visual Effects 2009

Film          Ealing Studios St Trinians's 2: The Legnd of Gritton's Gold        Compositor
Film          Bend It Films  It's a Wonderful Afterlife                                  Compositor
Film          Walt Disney    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time                                Digital Artist
Film          Generator Entertainment    Ghost Machine                                     Compositor
DVD          Squint/Opera                      Regeneration of Doha                    Compositor

Graphics & Visual Effects 2007-2008

TV Electric Farm Gemini Divison Compositing
Film Davis Films Solomon Kane Compositing
Film Ealing Studio Easy Virtue Digital Paint
Film MGM Bond 22 : Quantum of Solace Rotoscoping
Film Milkshake Films Goal III Rotoscoping
Film Warner Bros Batman : The Dark Knight Rotoscoping & Paint
TV Impossible Pictures Primeval Series 2 Episodes 1-7 Rotoscoping & Paint
Film Walt Disney The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian Rotoscoping & Paint
TV BBC Heroes & Villains : Shogun Rotoscoping & Compositing
TV BBC Heroes & Villains : Napolean Rotoscoping & Compositing
TV BBC Heroes & Villains : Cortes Rotoscoping, Matte Painting & Compositing
TV BBC Heroes & Villains : Richard the Lionheart                      Rotoscoping
TV IncrediBull Television ITV's Breathing Life Awards Graphics
Museum     Screensaver Productions    Fire of London Exhibition Graphics

Graphics & Visual Effects 2004-2006

Corporate IncrediBull Television        BT Internal Video Graphics
TV BBC Voyages of Discovery - The Making of Captain Cook Graphics
TV BBC Voyagers of Discovery - Circumnavigation Graphics
TV BBC Voyagers of Discovery - The Figure of Earth Graphics
TV BBC Tales from the Jungle - Malinowski Graphics
TV BBC Money Programme - Music Industry Graphics
TV BBC Horizon - How to Survive a Plane Crash Graphics
TV BBC Money Programme - Payment Protection Awards  Graphics
TV BBC Nuclear Secrets Graphics & Paint
TV Discovery Channel New Mummy, New Tummy Graphics 
TV 3BM Zero Hour - North Hollywood Shoot Out Compositing & Paint
TV BBC Fall of Rome - Caesar (Sting) Compositing
Corporate Buxton Knight Diamonds Compositing
TV BBC Voyages of Discovery - Magellan Compositing & Graphics
TV BBC Money Programme - Pensions Time Bomb Compositing
TV BBC Money Programme - Wasting Diana's Millions Compositing
TV Blakeway Productions Clash of Worlds Paint
TV 3BM Zero Hour - SAS : Mission Impossible Compositing & Clean Plate
TV BBC Horizon - Global Dimming Rotoscoping & Clean Plate
TV BBC Money Programme - Tony's Crony Paint & Graphics
TV BBC The Somme: From Defeat to Victory Rotoscoping
TV BBC The Robinsons Rotoscoping
Film Warner Bros Troy Rotoscoping Work Experience
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